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1、It took some time to turn the town into ashes,把小镇变成灰烬花了一些时间。

2、It is also necessary to buy three to four times,购买三到四次也是必要的。

3、We met a pea shrub,我们遇到了一个豌豆灌木。

4、The waves were up and down on the bare stones under her feet,波浪在她脚下的光秃秃的石头上下起伏。

5、Rumors of war spread to us in the Western Paradise,战争的谣言在西方天堂流传给我们。

6、She laid down the half of the flower on the rose,她把花的一半放在玫瑰上。

7、The balance is paid for me by my partner,余额由我的合伙人支付。

8、But it's not like the one I thought you'd like,但它不像我认为你喜欢的那个。

9、And rob told the story in a few words,罗布用几句话讲述了这个故事。

10、And tie my boots on my mantle string,把我的靴子绑在我的披风上。

00、广州佩达是什么(What is it Fire extinguisher maintenance)。

11、The most profound and warm part of a woman's life,女人生命中最深刻最温暖的部分。

12、In addition to killing more than 20 injured horses,除了杀死20多匹受伤的马。

13、But because she never told me a lot about me,而是因为她从未告诉过我很多关于我的事。

14、To prove that he is a suitable person belongs to the busy bee society,证明他是一个合适的人属于忙碌的蜜蜂社会。

15、It is fair in love and war,爱情和战争是公平的。

16、The herds and Boston came in from the herd,牧群和波士顿从牧群中进来。

17、With the sound of more than 2000 bulls in my ear,在我耳边有2000多只公牛的声音。

18、She hid the toilet pad on a temporary screen,她把马桶垫藏在临时的屏风上。

19、The little princess is really enough to turn the head of any small prince,小公主真的能转动任何小王子的头。

20、I would like to be a good friend of my friends,我想成为我的朋友的好朋友。

00、广州佩达有什么用途(What is the use Fire extinguisher maintenance)。

21、Two knights saw the sign at one glance,两个骑士一眼就看见了这个标志。

22、Never know how it came into being,永远不知道它是如何形成的。

23、Mr Laurie put bis into her aunt's arms,劳丽先生把比斯放进她姑姑的怀里。

24、But when I offered more than 1000 dollars to the company, they recognized their margin,但当我向公司提供超过1000美元时,他们认出了他们的利润。

25、And then along the glorious road in front of her,然后沿着她前面的光荣大道。

26、Tommy stared at the edge of his cup with round eyes,汤米用圆眼睛盯着杯子边。

27、There are more than a dozen professors and professors in support,有十多位教授和教授支持。

28、The railway company is pleased to provide food at cost and freight rates,铁路公司很乐意按成本和运费提供食品。

29、Although his father did this, he gave a dog one thousand dollars before they were born,虽然他的父亲这样做,他给狗一千美元之前,他们出生。

30、There are fifty hotels that may have as many strong fighters as possible,有五十家酒店可能拥有尽可能多的强力战斗机。

00、广州佩达官方网站(official website)。

31、Because his verdict expired in the spring,因为他的判决在春天到期。

32、Forcing them into a compact body,迫使他们进入一个紧凑的身体。

33、And Laurie will not be able to overcome his lovelorn as easily as he has so far,劳丽不会像他那样轻易地克服他的失恋。

34、When we prepare to celebrate this event,当我们准备庆祝这个事件的时候。

35、Seigerman begins to follow,Seigerman开始追随。

36、The beautiful summer soothing their grief,美丽的夏天抚慰着他们的悲伤。

37、The worst Christmas in my life,我一生中最糟糕的圣诞节。

38、Because this clever little girl likes her very much,因为这个聪明的小女孩非常喜欢她。

39、A friend of mine passed here yesterday,我的一个朋友昨天路过这里。

40、I hope to have more extra things during the festival,我希望节日期间能有更多的东西。

00、广州佩达运用在哪些领域(in which areas)。

41、If the native inhabitants of Siam live in such chaos,如果暹罗的土著居民生活在这样的混乱中。

42、Aren't the girls laughing at the picture,女孩们不是在嘲笑这幅画吗。

43、They were very beautiful when they were scared to escape,当他们害怕逃跑时,他们非常美丽。

44、And it's really like putting his misfortune on his heart,真的把他的不幸放在心上。

45、Because of Torston's instability,因为托斯顿的不稳定性。

46、An hour before herd herd to the camp,牛群赶到营地前一小时。

47、And there's no pain that we don't have a name,没有痛苦,我们没有名字。

48、When I describe her with her big eyes,当我用她的大眼睛描述她的时候。

49、And daisy is a shabby doll tailor,黛西是个衣衫褴褛的玩偶。

50、But they have to be recommended by the herdsmen we interact with,但是他们必须被牧民推荐。


51、He himself briefly told the story of his childhood rural life,他自己简单地讲述了他童年的农村生活的故事。

52、It is not known that the cattle have changed their direction under the impact of elements,不知道牛在元素的冲击下改变了方向。

53、Some people need to wrap a rope around their necks,有些人需要把绳子缠在脖子上。

54、Everyone is in the most happy mood,每个人都在最快乐的心情中。

55、The rebels chattered with all good humor,反叛者以幽默的口吻喋喋不休。

56、An unspeakable word for her boy,对她的孩子说不出的话。

57、And out of the reason I just gave you,除了我给你的原因。

58、Because other young people are strongly urged to send something to the exhibition,因为其他年轻人被强烈要求送一些东西去展览。

59、The old lady could not resist her longing to see her nephew,老太太忍不住渴望见到她的侄子。

60、Seven miles above the intersection of Obrien,奥布莱恩十字路口七英里处。

00、广州佩达综合注解(comprehensive annotation)。

61、And did not let a horse get bogged down in the mud,没有让一匹马陷在泥里。

62、He has been paying close attention to the demons of the June,他一直密切关注六月的恶魔。

63、Jack rushed out after hearing the news,杰克听到这个消息后冲了出去。

64、And the sweetness of self-control and the sweetness of self control,自我控制的甜美和自我控制的甜蜜。

65、But there is a lot in common between the two,但两者之间有很多共同点。

66、The horse gave the reins of his rein to his son,马把缰绳让给了儿子。

67、I will not bring poor old Dan a bullpen full of rascals like scales,我不会把可怜的老丹带上一堆像鱼鳞一样的流氓。

68、Although he insisted that he had nothing to do with him,尽管他坚持认为他与他无关。

69、Mr Barr ordered a very positive answer,Barr先生提出了一个非常肯定的答复。

70、I can bring you to you legally,我可以把你带到法律上。

00、广州佩达名词解析(noun analysis)。

71、And the brave John was found brave,勇敢的约翰被发现勇敢。

72、This idea makes nat a good man,这个想法使纳特成为一个好人。

73、My great loss is my harvest,我最大的损失就是我的收获。

74、For struggling boys, it's a bitter cup,对于奋斗中的男孩来说,这是一个苦杯。

75、The bartender has a feeling of generosity,酒保有一种慷慨的感觉。

76、Because I repeated all the charges she made to him,因为我重复了她对他的所有指控。

77、The existence of young women as a student gives this occasion an elegant and animated picture that wants to be there in the picturesque half-way as an audience,作为一名学生的年轻女性的存在给了这个场合一个优雅和生动的图片,希望在风景如画的一半作为观众。

78、Live on the meadow like our mounts,像草地一样生活在草地上。

79、I can't help thinking that they will be disappointed at you at home like me,我情不自禁地想,他们会像我一样在家里对你失望。

80、The children kept asking after their return,孩子们一直在问他们的归来。

00、广州佩达行业关注(industry concern)。

81、He might pay every $two thousand,他可能支付每二千美元。

82、He was the first person to know the details,他是第一个知道细节的人。

83、I know that my time has passed,我知道我的时间已经过去了。

84、I will provide him with the relief he wants,我将为他提供他想要的救济。

85、She looked up at Laurie's most elegant college friend,她抬头看着劳丽最优雅的大学朋友。

86、So that they have escaped from Bob Quick's herd,这样他们就逃离了Bob Quick的牧群。

87、And the cooked dinner was a special fear of her,做饭的晚餐是她特别害怕的。

88、My letter is only the translation of the German song I want,我的信只是我想要的德国歌曲的翻译。

89、There is also an impassable jungle over one hundred acres of land,在一百英亩的土地上还有一个无法逾越的丛林。

90、Another blue bird swooped down on the other side like a dove eagle,另一只蓝色的鸟像鸽子鹰一样俯冲在另一边。

00、广州佩达相关说明(relevant explanation)。

91、When he was very satisfied with the disaster,当他对灾难非常满意的时候。

92、Poor Lewis had no peace for a long time,可怜的Lewis很久没有和睦了。

93、Two of my boys left us back,我的两个男孩离开了我们。

94、Recently, their work has kept them within their limits,最近,他们的工作一直保持在他们的极限之内。

95、Trying to separate it from the steel arrowhead,试着把它与钢箭头分开。

96、We are picking flowers according to what you mean,我们按照你的意思采花。

97、My foreman did not receive any word,我的领班没有收到任何消息。

98、The whole fleet train joined the ordinary stampede,全队的火车加入了普通的踩踏事件。

99、Waiting for the divine inspiration to come to her,等待神圣的灵感来到她身边。

100、And part of his drive through the railway,他开车穿过铁路的一部分。

00、广州佩达媒体报导(media coverage)。

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